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Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic Pricing

How do I set a minimum and maximum price?I don't want my prices to ever go below or above a certain price.
How do I set up Occupancy Pacing?I want my listing's occupancy to influence the rates.
How do I set a minimum stay?Does Wheelhouse account for orphan nights?
How do I create a long-term discount?I want to provide a discount to guests for longer stays.
How do Last Minute Discounts work?I want to incentivize guests with a discounted rate for open dates that are coming up soon.
How do I customize prices for each day of the week?My weekend prices are always different than my weekday prices. How do I set a custom price for each day of the week?
How do I adjust pricing for Gap Nights?I want to add a premium or discount to my gap nights.
How do I adjust prices for different times of the year?My market has high and low seasons and my prices fluctuate drastically.
What's the difference between Aggressive, Recommended, and Conservative strategy?There are a few features on the Strategy page that have these settings.
How does Far Future Premium work?I want to increase my pricing for future dates beyond a certain number of days from the current date, so I won't get bookings at low rates.
Historical AnchoringUse historical booked rates for your future prices.
How do I adjust Demand Sensitivity?
What is a Base Price?I noticed each of my listings have a base price. How is it calculated?
How do I manually change my Base Price?I want to create a custom base price for a specific listing.
I set a custom base price. What adjustments does Wheelhouse make to my calendar?If I make my own base price, how will my calendar prices adapt and adjust over time?
What's the difference between the base price and the minimum price?

My Wheelhouse Pricing is not updating
Do I need to have a listing to create an account?
How do I disconnect my listing's account from Wheelhouse?I need to remove an account from Wheelhouse.
How long does it take for Wheelhouse reservation data to show up on the calendar?When will Wheelhouse calendar dates get blocked off after a reservation is made?
Does Wheelhouse account for orphan nights?Does Wheelhouse account for booked and blocked nights surrounding an open night?
Can I block or unblock my calendar on Wheelhouse?
Observed Pricing Vs Wheelhouse PricingWhy is my Observed Pricing different from Wheelhouse Pricing?
What happens when I turn Wheelhouse Pricing on and off?When I activate Wheelhouse pricing, what happens next?
How long will it take for Wheelhouse Pricing to show up on my listing's channel?
Do I have to adjust any prices on my native channels after I activate Wheelhouse pricing?Do I need to go into Airbnb or TripAdvisor and make pricing changes?
Do the reviews for my listing affect the prices on Wheelhouse?If I have great reviews for my listings, does Wheelhouse take them into consideration when coming up with prices?
Should I turn off Airbnb Smart Pricing to use Wheelhouse?Will Airbnb Smart Pricing and Wheelhouse conflict with one another?
Why do my Airbnb listing page price and Wheelhouse base price not match?What's the difference between the two?
Why can't I see new listings I just set up on Wheelhouse?I just created a new listing and it's not on my Wheelhouse dashboard.
I just set up my listing. Why is my revenue score at 40 out of 100?Why do I have a low revenue score?
I turned on Wheelhouse pricing, but my prices are not updating on my listing.How long does it take for Wheelhouse dynamic prices to sync with listing?
My Prices are Updating IncorrectlyThe prices on Wheelhouse look different than on my Airbnb calendar.
I don't see all of my listings on my Wheelhouse dashboard
Hide and Unhide Listings on my Wheelhouse DashboardI have listings that we don't use Wheelhouse Pricing and I want to remove them from my Wheelhouse Dashboard.
How do I turn on Wheelhouse Pricing?After connecting your listings to Wheelhouse, it's time to turn on Wheelhouse Pricing!