Let's take a look at how Wheelhouse prices your listings everyday.

  1. Wheelhouse Pricing - This is your listing's price for a specific day based on the below attributes.
  2. Base Price - The Base Price is the foundation of your Wheelhouse Pricing.  It refers to the ideal price for your listing before we make daily adjustments. 
  3. Seasonality Impact - Depending on the time of year, the season could play a factor. 
  4. Local Demand Impact - Takes into account local events, holidays, and any other local demand-related factors affecting prices in your area. Local Demand is typically related to local weather or vacation schedules.
  5. Listing Availability Impact - Adjusts your pricing to help you fill short periods of availability (1-3 nights). These short openings are harder to fill so we discount these nights slightly to give you the best chance of booking them.
  6. Time Factor - Based on how far in the future a given night is. Our pricing model will add a small premium for nights far in the future and will adjust your pricing as each vacant night gets closer. 
  7. Min / Max Restrictions - Your prices will never go below or above your custom minimum and maximum prices. Click here to learn how to create minimum and maximum prices
  8. Overall Market Demand - Takes into account the local hotel and top hosts' prices and their impact.

Next Steps
Now that you understand what goes into your recommended price, let's see how you can easily adjust the price for a specific day.

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