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Connecting with Uplisting
Connecting with Uplisting

How to connect your Uplisting account to Wheelhouse

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Securely connecting your Uplisting account to Wheelhouse can take as little as 60 seconds!

Please Note: If you are using Uplisting's Dynamic Pricing, you will need to disable it before proceeding.

  1. Log in to your Uplisting account.

  2. From the Connect page, navigate to the API Key to generate/find your Uplisting API key (as shown below):

  3. Copy the API key from Uplisting.

  4. Go to the Uplisting connection page on Wheelhouse and paste it into the "API Key" field (as shown below):

  5. Click "Connect your Uplisting Account" and Wheelhouse will begin importing your listings!

Note: If you previously connected your listings with a different integration and are transitioning them over to Uplisting, please make sure to:

  1. Connect your Uplisting account first.

  2. Copy and paste your settings from the old listings to the new listings. This will help speed up the setup time.

  3. Turn on automation for the Uplisting listings.

  4. Turn off automation and downgrade the old listings.

  5. Reach out to support to ensure you will not be double charged via email at or our 24/7 live chat on our website.

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