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Connecting with Streamline
Connecting with Streamline

How to connect your Streamline account to Wheelhouse

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Start by clicking on the Streamline logo (as shown in Figure 1) on the Add Channel page:

Figure 1

Please note: To access your Streamline information, Wheelhouse requires a Streamline Token Key and Token Secret. Instructions on how to generate these are below.

  1. Before connecting your Streamline account with Wheelhouse, note that Wheelhouse will import the following information from your account:

  2. Your "Unit" or "Home Name" and Streamline Property ID

  3. Latitude and longitude for each property (required fields)

  4. Availability calendar (any dates that are unavailable for booking will be reflected in Wheelhouse)

  5. Reservation information for dashboard and reports

  6. Since latitude and longitude are required fields, please make sure you have set them for all properties. You can do this from the Configurations page on Streamline.

To obtain the Token Key and Token Secret

Send us an email at so we can request your "Token Key" and "Token Secret" from Streamline.

On Wheelhouse

  1. Log in to your account, or create a new Wheelhouse account

  2. Go to the Streamline integration page:

  3. Paste the Token Key and Token Secret into the field here.

  4. You will now see your listings imported into Wheelhouse.

  5. You can use the NEW ONBOARDING GUIDE (link) to familiarize yourself with how to take full advantage of Wheelhouse. It contains info about how to personalize your pricing strategies and easily manage settings for a large portfolio.

  6. We highly recommend that you play around with the different features and familiarize yourself with the various features in Wheelhouse and understand how price recommendations work before syncing prices back to Streamline.

On Streamline

  1. Once you've synced prices and min stays from Wheelhouse to Streamline, they will reflect shortly in Streamline. You can see this by going to "Configuration" and then going to "Pricing Tape Chart"

  1. You will see the prices recommended by Wheelhouse showing in the tape chart as shown below as a part of the Y-STD rate type.

And that’s it! The prices and minimum stays on Streamline will automatically get updated daily when the sync toggle on Wheelhouse is enabled. 

Note: For the listing to appear in Wheelhouse, the following options need to be UNCHECKED in the Streamline listing:

Also, Renting Type needs to be Renting:

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to email or chat with our 24/7 live support at We’re very excited about this partnership with Streamline, and are happy to answer any questions about the integration!

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