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Connecting with CiiRUS
Connecting with CiiRUS

How to connect my CiiRUS account with Wheelhouse

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Getting Started

To get started, you'll need to fill out a form on your CiiRUS account.

  1. Log into CiiRUS and click Reservations.

  2. Click Revenue Management.

  3. Click Get Started.

  4. Fill out the contact form with your details. Within 24 hours, a CiiRUS solutions consultant will contact you to get started.

Connecting Wheelhouse to your CiiRUS account

If this is your first time using the integration, you'll need to establish the connection

between Wheelhouse and CiiRUS.

  1. Log into CiiRUS and click Reservations.

  2. Click Revenue Management.

  3. Select Enable Listings.

  4. Choose if you're a new Wheelhouse user or an existing Wheelhouse user.

New Wheelhouse User

If you don't yet have an account with Wheelhouse, enter your information to create

an account. Once filled out, click the Create a Wheelhouse Account button.

Once created, make sure to click the Integrate My New Account button to complete the connection.

Your listings will be added to the free tier with an opportunity to upgrade to the Pro tier later.

Existing Wheelhouse User

If you're already using Wheelhouse, you'll need to grab your Wheelhouse User API

key and paste it here. Alternatively, you can login to Wheelhouse and click "Connect

to CiiRUS" which will automatically redirect you to this page in CiiRUS and connect

your account.

Once redirected, make sure to click "Connect Account".

Enable Listings

Next, you will need to enable your CiiRUS listings within Wheelhouse.

To do so, go to:

  1. Log into CiiRUS and click Reservations.

  2. Click Revenue Management.

  3. Select Enable Listings.

  4. Observe your listings in the grid, each marked with a colored circle indicating the status:

  • Grey circle: Listing isn't integrated

  • Yellow circle: Listing is in the queue/processing for synchronization

  • Green circle: Listing is live

Important: If you use the same Rate Set across multiple units, please reach out to Ciirus before assigning rates and enabling listings to sync with Wheelhouse.

Assign rates and enable listings

To integrate your CiiRUS listings with Wheelhouse, you'll need to:

  1. Create a rate set with at least one date band, including your base price, for each listing. Although this won't be utilized, it's necessary to send it to Wheelhouse for comparison and analysis between your old and newly set pricing. Ensure each listing is assigned a unique rate set.

  2. Check the box in the "Enable Listings" column and click the "Save" icon above the grid. The colored circle will turn yellow during the syncing process with Wheelhouse. You can navigate away from this page and return later as it continues to sync.

  3. Wheelhouse Pricing Activated: This setting is read-only. You must be on a "Pro-Tier" plan and enable auto-pricing within your Wheelhouse account.

  4. Last Sync: View the timestamp indicating when the listing last synced with Wheelhouse. This happens 3 times per day.

Pricing Rules and Settings

Login to your Wheelhouse account directly from CiiRUS to view your settings,

reports, and more.

  1. Log into CiiRUS and click Reservations.

  2. Click Revenue Management.

  3. Select Pricing Rules & Settings

Move listings to Pro Tier

To change your listings' subscription, you can click on your name on the upper-right of your Wheelhouse dashboard then select Billing:

Upgrading from Pro Flex to Pro Flat:

Check the box next to the listings you want to upgrade and click on Upgrade.

Important: If you move to Pro Flat today, you will be charged the pro-rated Pro Flat fee today and then moving forward you will be charged the full amount on the 1st of every month. Additionally, if you have any bookings that were made while you were in the Pro Flex before switching to Pro Flat, these will still be charged the 1% on your next invoice.

Switching from Pro Flat to Pro Flex:

Click on the pen icon next to the listing you want to switch then click on Edit Subscription > Move to Pro Flex.

Take note that this will take effect on your next billing cycle on the 1st of the next month.

Downgrade to Free:

To downgrade your listing to the Free plan, you can click on the pen icon next to the listing, then click on Edit Subscription > Downgrade to Free.

Please take note that downgrading to Free will take effect on your next billing cycle. This means you would still have access to all the paid features until the end of the month.

Important: Downgrading to Free does not automatically turn OFF Wheelhouse pricing, and vice-versa. Please make sure to turn off Wheelhouse pricing for your listing if you would like to stop syncing Wheelhouse prices to your listing's calendar.

Once you have updated to a paid tier, go back to enable the listings to sync rates from Wheelhouse to CiiRUS!

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