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Connecting with Track
Connecting with Track

How to connect your Track account to Wheelhouse

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Start by clicking on the Track logo (as shown in Figure 1) on the Add Channel page:

Figure 1

  1. Login to your Track account.

  2. Go to Configuration > Company Setup > General > API Keys

  3. Click the “+ Server Key” button to create a new API key.

  4. Name the API key “Wheelhouse”, make sure the “Active” box is checked, and click “Save Key”.

  5. Go back to the previous page and click the “Update” button.

  6. Copy the Server Key and Server Secret tokens.

  7. Paste the two tokens in Wheelhouse.

  8. Enter your Track Login URL (e.g. "") in the form to the left.

  9. Click the “Connect your Track Account” button.

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