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Pricing Customization
Pricing Customization
How do I set a minimum and maximum price?I don't want my prices to ever go below or above a certain price.
How do I set up Occupancy Pacing?I want my listing's occupancy to influence the rates.
How do I set a minimum stay?Does Wheelhouse account for orphan nights?
How do I create a long-term discount?I want to provide a discount to guests for longer stays.
How do Last Minute Discounts work?I want to incentivize guests with a discounted rate for open dates that are coming up soon.
How do I customize prices for each day of the week?My weekend prices are always different than my weekday prices. How do I set a custom price for each day of the week?
How do I adjust pricing for Gap Nights?I want to add a premium or discount to my gap nights.
How do I adjust prices for different times of the year?My market has high and low seasons and my prices fluctuate drastically.
What's the difference between Aggressive, Recommended, and Conservative strategy?There are a few features on the Strategy page that have these settings.
How does Far Future Premium work?I want to increase my pricing for future dates beyond a certain number of days from the current date, so I won't get bookings at low rates.
Historical AnchoringUse historical booked rates for your future prices.
How do I adjust Demand Sensitivity?
What is a Base Price?I noticed each of my listings have a base price. How is it calculated?
How do I manually change my Base Price?I want to create a custom base price for a specific listing.
I set a custom base price. What adjustments does Wheelhouse make to my calendar?If I make my own base price, how will my calendar prices adapt and adjust over time?
What's the difference between the base price and the minimum price?