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How to - Segments
How to - Segments

I want to create and save multiple filtered sets.

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Segments is a powerful, time-saving feature that gives you the ability to save the listings that meet your criteria, removing the need to filter your portfolio every time you log into Wheelhouse.

How to Create a Segment

  1. From any Portfolio page (Settings, Calendar, or Performance), filter a subset of your portfolio.

There are a multitude of ways to filter your portfolio. Here are a few ideas:

  • Market / bedroom count / number of guests

  • Listings with low occupancy within the next 60 days

  • A/B testing similar properties

2. Once you've created a filtered set, click the Segment button.

3. Once the menu expands, click the Save new segment button.

4. Give the segment a title (and optionally, a description) and finally. click Save segment.

How to Edit a Segment

  1. From any Portfolio page (Settings, Calendar, or Performance), click the Segment button.

  2. To edit a segment, click the 3 dots icon to the right of the segment.

  3. You will have the ability to:

    1. Edit details - change segment title and description

    2. Set as Default - show the specified segment every time you log into Wheelhouse

    3. Delete segment - remove the segment from your account

How to Update Current Segment

If you're viewing a segment and change any of the filters, you could either save that filtered set as a new segment OR update the current segment by:

  1. Click the Segment button

  2. Select Save new segment

  3. Pick between Create new segment or Save changes to the segment and select Save segment.

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