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Connecting with Barefoot
Connecting with Barefoot

How to connect your Barefoot account to Wheelhouse

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Start by clicking on the Barefoot logo (as shown in Figure 1) on the Add Accounts page:

Adding Barefoot to Wheelhouse

  • Login to your Barefoot account.

  • Click on "Wheelhouse" to view the terms and conditions.

  • Press "Accept" to initiate the link between your Barefoot and Wheelhouse accounts.

  • Next, go to the Settings Page.

    1. Scroll down until you find the Partner Management section and then click on the Partner Setting.

    2. Under Partner, select Wheelhouse.

    3. Under Dates, select the only date range selection which is the default.

    4. Click on "Edit" and then click the "Save" button.

  • Go to the Catalog Page.

    1. Under the section 2. Configure Package (Folio/Sales Types), and select "Price Classes".

    2. On this page, click on "Add New" and type in the exact word Wheelhouse.

Note: It must be written exactly as Wheelhouse. That includes the capital "W" as well.

  • Wait up to 1 business day for your account to be connected. A Wheelhouse representative will reach out to you once the connection is made.

  • Send an email to letting them know you have accepted the Wheelhouse terms and conditions.

Activating Wheelhouse Pricing in Barefoot

  • You can choose which listing(s) you want to use the Wheelhouse Price Class on and navigate to the Rate Table page.

  • On that page, click on Export To Excel (Price Table) to back up your rates.

  • Next, navigate to the Property Information page.

Note: Please ensure that you are doing these steps with the Wheelhouse team to avoid data loss in your progress.

  • Under Property Details, Price Class, select Wheelhouse in the dropdown menu.

    • Once you've selected Wheelhouse, click Update.

  • After you've updated the Price Class on the Property Information page, navigate back to the Rate Table page.

    1. Export to Excel (Price Table) again.

    2. Next, delete any prices in the red highlighted section. Ensure everything's deleted by scrolling down the page.

Once you've reached the bottom, please ensure you only delete the red highlighted sections and not any Wheelhouse Price Class prices.

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