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How do I set up Occupancy Pacing?

I want my listing's occupancy to influence the rates.

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Occupancy pacing gives you additional flexibility to adjust your nightly rates based on occupancy and lead time. Whether that means deeply discounted rates if your calendar is not filled up or adding a premium if bookings are coming in faster than expected, you’re always in control.

Before we walk through how to set up your listing’s occupancy pacing, there are a few things to note:

  1. Occupancy is already factored into the Wheelhouse algorithm, but pacing allows further flexibility.

  2. Occupancy pacing is currently done on a listing-by-listing basis. You can easily copy and paste the setup from one listing to another.

  3. Occupancy pacing will never go below or above the minimum or maximum prices.

How to set up Occupancy Pacing

To begin, decide what type of occupancy you want to use:

  • Occupancy

    • Percentage of nights booked out of all nights (including blocked nights)


  • Adjusted Occupancy

    • Percentage of nights booked out of bookable nights (excluding blocked nights)

Flipping the switch to on (purple) means you will use Adjusted Occupancy.

Adding Rows and Columns

Now that you’ve decided on the type of occupancy to use for occupancy pacing, it is time to add price percentage adjustments and lead time.

To add additional percentages, click the Add Row button.

To add additional lead time, click the Add Column button.

To set default increments, click on the gear icon. This will allow you to add additional rows and columns without having to type in each cell every time.


To get a better understanding of how percentages and lead time work, let's look at the image below:

  • Within 6 days, if the occupancy is 20% or less, discount the nightly rates by 25%.

  • 14-20 days from now, if the occupancy is between 41% and 60%, apply a 5% discount.

  • 21-27 days from now, if the occupancy is between 81% and 100%, add a 20% premium to the nightly rates.

Please note: Occupancy Pacing will not cause your rates to go below/above your minimum/maximum price rules.

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