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Connecting with LMPM
Connecting with LMPM

How to connect your LMPM account to Wheelhouse

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Create a Wheelhouse account within LMPM

From any screen in LMPM, click on the Main Menu, then Settings, then Integrations, then click on the Wheelhouse tab.

Once on this tab, toggle the slider button to Active, this will create an LMPM-linked Wheelhouse account with a username and password.

Activate Wheelhouse individual properties

Next, you need to choose which properties to activate on Wheelhouse. Scrolling down, you'll see you have the ability to activate certain properties via Search, Property Group, Area Group, and more. If you go this route, you need to click on Show Selected to refine your selection.

Otherwise, you can scroll further to Select All or click on specific properties to activate them. Once finished, click Save.

You can also activate a property at the property level. Once on a property, click Edit, then click the Vacation Rental tab. Scroll down under Dynamic Pricing and toggle the Publish to Wheelhouse slider to On. Then click Save.

Logging into Wheelhouse

Once you activate each property, it's time to log into Wheelhouse. Visit to enter the username and password that was generated in LMPM.

Manually sync rates with Wheelhouse

A daily sync happens in the early morning hours, Pacific Time. LMPM fetches rates from Wheelhouse and pulls them into LMPM. Wheelhouse cannot push rates into LMPM, do not try and push rates from Wheelhouse.

A manual Wheelhouse sync is available within LMPM. In a property that has an active Wheelhouse integration click on the Vacation Rental tab, then click on the criss-cross arrows button to the far right. The Sync Wheelhouse Rates will appear and once clicked, the rates from Wheelhouse will be automatically pushed into LMPM.

What to do if you already have an existing Wheelhouse account

If you want to integrate with your existing Wheelhouse account you'll need to contact your account manager at Wheelhouse to inform them you're now integrated with LMPM. We will then change over your listings and map them to LMPM. We will need the names of your properties in LMPM along with the ID which can be found in the URL. For example, the bolded portion of the URL in this example is the property ID:

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