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Connecting with Escapia
Connecting with Escapia

How to connect your Escapia account to Wheelhouse

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Start by clicking on the Escapia logo (as shown in Figure 1) on the Add Channel page:

Securely connecting your Escapia account to Wheelhouse can take as little as 3 minutes!

Connecting Escapia to Wheelhouse requires you to do the two (2) steps below:

Enable Wheelhouse on your Escapia Account

To enable Wheelhouse, you will need to complete the four (4) steps below:

  1. Reach out to Escapia Support to add Wheelhouse to your account's database.

  2. Once added, log into your Escapia account and navigate to Admin > Setup > EscapiaNET > Network Partners. Check the box for Wheelhouse and click Save & Finish.

  3. Next, navigate to Admin > Setup > EscapiaNET > Unit Distribution. Open the connection with Wheelhouse and select the units that you want to distribute.

  4. Lastly, navigate to Admin > Setup > Vrbo Software Partner. Click Manage Partner for Wheelhouse. Check the Enable Partner box, then enable the permissions listed below. Make sure to scroll down and save after enabling the permissions.

    1. getReservationById

    2. getReservationByNumber

    3. getReservationChanges

    4. searchReservationSummaries

Note: If the section above is not visible to you within Escapia, we recommend opening a support ticket within Escapia (ensuring your dedicated Account Executive is looped in) to enable the above requirements.

Connect your Escapia Account to Wheelhouse

After enabling Wheelhouse on Escapia, you will then need to connect your Escapia account to Wheelhouse. To connect, you will want to get two (2) pieces of information from your Escapia account, so we can properly & seamlessly connect your account to Wheelhouse.

Please follow these 5 easy steps to connect your account:

  1. Log into your Escapia account.

  2. To locate your Account number, click on the person icon on the upper right corner. Save this number, as you will soon input on Wheelhouse's site.

3. To locate your Property ID, navigate to Units > Reports > Property ID List.

4. On the Property ID List, copy any Property ID number from the far left column. Again, save this number, as you will input this info on Wheelhouse's site.

5. On Wheelhouse, enter the Account number and Property ID number and click Connect your Escapia Account.

That's all! Have questions - we're here to help: or click on the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen!

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