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The new Wheelhouse Portfolio gives you the ability to manage your portfolio and revenue much easier than ever. Below is a walk-through of what you'll be able to do with the new dashboard.

Understanding the layout

The new Portfolio page has dramatically changed the overall look and feel of Wheelhouse, so let's jump right into it.

Settings, Calendar and Performance

To select toggle between Settings, Calendar and Performance page on Portfolio, just click the Portfolio dropdown menu on the upper left of the page and select the page where you want to go to:


To narrow down your portfolio, you can filter listings by: 

  • Channel - this is helpful if you're using multiple channels, PMSs or channel managers

  • Listing Status - filter by active or inactive listings

  • Title - search by keyword(s)

  • Tier - pricing subscription of each listing

  • Nickname - search by nickname / internal names

  • Bedrooms - select a range of numbers or exact bedroom count

  • Bathrooms - select a range of numbers or exact bathroom count

  • Room Type - narrow the filter by the listing's room type

  • Market - select individual or multiple markets

  • Market Status - show only listings that are in markets where Wheelhouse supports

  • Automation - focus on listings that have auto pricing on or off


Your Portfolio is divided into Listing and Settings section. You can choose which columns that you want to display using the Columns option on the left side.


On the upper left of the dashboard is a search bar where you can filter your listings by keywords, titles, nicknames, or listing ids. 


You can access your settings by clicking on your icon on the upper right of the dashboard. You'll be able to:

  • Edit your email and password

  • Connect and refresh your listings' accounts

  • Review current and past invoices

  • Share a referral link/code to give and earn Wheelhouse credit

  • Log out of your Wheelhouse account

Page Size

If you have a larger portfolio, you can filter the amount of listings to appear at once by selecting Page Size on the upper right of the Portfolio page. You'll also be able to refresh the page too. 

Listing Count

To the bottom left of the dashboard, you'll have the ability to see the total count of listings in your portfolio, as well as the ability to paginate through multiple pages. 

Show / Hide Columns

The ability to show or hide any column is available in Portfolio. Hover your mouse over a column, click on the Menu icon and then select the Column icon. A list of columns will populate. Check boxes to show or uncheck boxes to hide columns.

Note: You can also drag and drop columns to reorder the columns. 

Navigating Settings

The Settings section of the dashboard allows you to view your entire portfolio's settings all at once. On top of that, you'll be able to make bulk changes across multiple listings, saving you time from having to set up each listing one at a time.

View Listing Details

Selecting one listing will open a window from the right of the dashboard. You will be able to view all the details from each setting for that particular listing. You can also jump directly into that listing's Strategy, Calendar, and Performance pages from the upper right corner of the dashboard. 

Turn On Wheelhouse Pricing

Setting Base Price

Setting Dynamic Minimum Stay

Setting Dynamic Minimum Price

Setting Maximum Price

Setting Last Minute Discount

Setting Long Term Discount

Setting Seasonality Adjustment

Setting Day of the Week Prices

Setting Far Future Premium

Bulk Editing

To make the same edits across multiple listings, check the box next to the listings and choose one of the settings on the upper right of the dashboard. A window will open giving you the ability to make the necessary adjustments. Once saved, the update will apply to the selected listings. To learn more about each setting, click here!

Note: The ability to save groups of listings will be available shortly!

Navigating Calendar

The Calendar section allows you to see the daily rates for your entire portfolio all at once. If needed, you also have the ability to make custom rates across multiple listings. There are also multiple icons inside each date:

  • Purple price - the price Wheelhouse is recommending

  • Purple percentage box - custom percentage increase/decrease  

  • Yellow price - custom fixed rate

  • Number inside circle - the minimum night rule

  • Green person - date booked

  • Grey lock - date blocked

Selecting a Date

To move forward and backward in your calendar, you will need to scroll left and right. If you have a particular date you want to jump to, you can select the date on the upper right of the dashboard. To return back to today's date, just select Today.

Pricing Details

To see the pricing detail for a particular date, click on the rate and a window will open to the right of the dashboard. You will be able to:

  • Jump to a particular date

  • Set a custom automated rate or fixed rate

  • View the breakdown of how that date's rate is calculated

  • See a history of how this date was previously priced

  • View all custom rates for the selected listing

Bulk Edit Rates

To set a custom automated or fixed rate, select the checkbox next to the listings. A window will appear to the right allowing you to select the date range and input the rates. Once saved, those rates will automatically sync to your channel, PMS, or channel manager. 

Navigating Performance

Similar to the Settings and Calendar sections, you can now view your entire portfolio's performance all at once. At the moment you can view:

  • rolling averages for occupancy and revenue

  • monthly total for occupancy and revenue

Note: Wheelhouse will soon be adding competitive sets as a comparison to these columns along with additional insights.

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