Once you’ve signed up on Wheelhouse, you’ll be taken to your Wheelhouse dashboard where you will see a Wheelhouse Sample listing so you can test and see how Wheelhouse works before connecting your own listing/s.

You can connect a listing from your dashboard by clicking a Channel or PMS tile located at the bottom of your dashboard. 

Figure 1

How to connect to your listing's channel

We are working toward adding more channels. If you don’t see your channel, feel free to reach out to us by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right! 😄

Connecting with Airbnb

To connect your Airbnb listings, start by logging in to Airbnb.com. You'll need to enter the email and password used for your Airbnb account.

Once you’ve logged into your Airbnb account:

  1. Go to the Airbnb connection page, enter your Airbnb email and password. 

  2. Select ‘Click here to verify on Airbnb’. You’ll be taken to Airbnb to validate your connection.

  3. Return to the Wheelhouse page and click 'Connect your Airbnb account'. (You may have to repeat step 3).

  4. You should now be connected! 

Connecting with TripAdvisor and Flipkey

Start by clicking on the TripAdvisor logo (as shown in Figure 1). Once you click “Connect your TripAdvisor account” (as shown below), you will be sent to rentals.tripadvisor.com to create the connection. 

Note: You’ll need to be logged into your TripAdvisor/Flipkey account prior to connecting to Wheelhouse.

After clicking “Connect my account” (as shown below), you will be directed back to your Wheelhouse dashboard where you should see your TripAdvisor/Flipkey listings. 

Connecting with BookingSync

Start by clicking on the BookingSync logo (as shown in Figure 1). To connect your BookingSync account, click on "Connect your BookingSync account" (as shown below) to log into BookingSync. You will need to install the Wheelhouse app and authorize it on BookingSync. Once authorized, log back into your Wheelhouse account and your BookingSync listings should appear on your Wheelhouse dashboard

Connecting with Hostfully

Start by clicking on the Hostfully logo (as shown in Figure 1). To connect your Hostfully account, click on "Connect your Hostfully account" (as shown below) to log into Hostfully. Once logged in, you will need to go to  Hostfully's Integration page and turn on Wheelhouse (as shown in Figure 2 below). If you want to activate Wheelhouse for all properties, ensure you turn on each property. Once turned on, log back into your Wheelhouse account and your Hostfully listings should appear on your Wheelhouse dashboard

Figure 2

Note: Your Wheelhouse email must be the same email you use for Hostfully.

Connecting with Guesty

Start by clicking on the Guesty logo (as shown in Figure 1). To connect your Guesty account, you will need an API token from Guesty:

  1. Login to your Guesty account

  2. Go to Integrations -> Marketplace tab and select "Wheelhouse".

  3. Click the "Connect" button to generate an API token.

  4. Copy the API token to the clipboard by clicking the "Copy to clipboard" button.

  5. Navigate back to Wheelhouse and paste the token into the Token field and click "Connect your Guesty Account" (as shown below):

Connecting with MyVR

Start by clicking on the MyVR logo (as shown in Figure 1). To connect your MyVR account, you will need to install the Wheelhouse app from MyVR:

  1. Click on Connect your MyVR account (as shown below) to log into your MyVR account.

  2. Once logged into MVR, select the Marketplace tab, search for and install "Wheelhouse" to authorize on MyVR.

  3. Once authorized, log back into your Wheelhouse account and your MyVR listings should appear on your Wheelhouse dashboard

Connecting with Hostaway

Let's start by clicking on the Hostaway logo as shown in Figure 1. To connect with Hostaway, you would need the Hostaway API and Account ID which can be found in your account.

  1. Log in to your Hostaway account and go to the settings page

  2. Select the Hostaway API Tab

  3. Copy the "Account ID" from your Hostaway and paste it on the Account ID field in Wheelhouse

  4. Back in the Hostaway page, click on "Generate API Secret Key" and paste it on the API Key field on Wheelhouse  and click "Connect your Hostaway Account"

Connecting with Streamline

Start by clicking on the Streamline logo as shown in Figure 1. To connect with Streamline, you would need a token key, token secret, and send a request to Streamline for External Yielding

  1. Send us an email at hello@usewheelhouse.com saying that you want to connect your Streamline account so we can request your “token key” and “token secret” from Streamline.

  2. For a Streamline customer to use an ‘External Yielding’ service, you must put in a request for a Streamline admin to toggle your system to be able to handle this new pricing logic. Log into your Streamline system and submit a help desk ticket to enter the request.

  3. Once you have your Streamline token key and token secret, enter them into the fields like below:

4. Once you've synced prices and min stays from Wheelhouse to Streamline, they will reflect shortly in Streamline. You can see this by going to "Configuration" and then going to "Pricing Tape Chart":

5. You will see the prices recommended by Wheelhouse showing in the tape chart as shown below as a part of the Y-STD rate type.

For more information, you can check out our blog for Streamline & Wheelhouse integration.

Connecting with Rentals United

1. Log in to your Rentals United account:

2. Once logged in, click on Services tab:

3. Under Find Service tab, search for Wheelhouse:

4. Click “Get Connected”:

5. On the Get Connected page, review and check the Synchronization, Connection and Activation. Then click the “I CONFIRM I UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE”:

6. A pop-up message will appear confirming that Wheelhouse has been added to your service. Click Ok.

7. You will be redirected to the Wheelhouse – Connected Properties where you can see your listings. Click Activate for each listing:

8. Return to Wheelhouse Connection page (https://www.usewheelhouse.com/ca/link) and click Rentals United:

9. Enter your email address in the Username box and click “Connect your RentalsUnited Account:

10. Wait for a few seconds/minutes to connect your listings to Wheelhouse:

11. Once connected, you should see your listings:

Connecting with Smoobu

  1. Sign in to Wheelhouse or create a free account here.

  2. Click “add listings” from your Wheelhouse dashboard and select Smoobu, or link your account here.

  3. Click the "Connect your Smoobu account" button.

  4. Sign in to your Smoobu account. Click Connect on the message that will prompt.

Done! Once you turn on pricing in Wheelhouse, they will be pushed automatically to Smoobu every day and the Smoobu Channel Manager syncs them to all your booking portals in real-time. No effort, more revenue!

Connecting with Track

Start by clicking on the Track logo from your Wheelhouse Dashboard.

  1. Login to your Track account.

  2. Go to Configuration > Company Setup > General > API Keys

  3. Click the “+ Server Key” button to create a new API key.

  4. Name the API key “Wheelhouse”, make sure the “Active” box is checked and click “Save Key”.

  5. Go back to the previous page and click the “Update” button.

  6. Copy the Server Key and Server Secret tokens.

  7. Paste the two tokens in Wheelhouse.

  8. Enter your Track Login URL (e.g. "https://mydomain.trackhs.com") in the form to the left.

  9. Click the “Connect your Track Account” button.

Connecting with Yourporter

1. Connect your Airbnb account to Wheelhouse through: https://www.usewheelhouse.com/ca/link/airbnb

  • NOTE: Make sure that this is the same Airbnb account that is connected to YourPorter.

2. Generate a Wheelhouse API key through the link below. The Wheelhouse API key will be generated automatically, otherwise, click the Generate button: https://www.usewheelhouse.com/ca/link/yourporter

3. Once a key is generated, click on Copy and then Connect your YourPorter account to login to the YourPorter website.

4. On the YourPorter website, go to Menu>Smart Pricing>Wheelhouse and paste the Wheelhouse API key. Make sure to enable the Wheelhouse API Key button and the Sync Button of each Airbnb listing.

5. To start syncing prices and strategies from Wheelhouse, please upgrade your Airbnb listings on Wheelhouse to one of our paid plans: https://www.usewheelhouse.com/u/account/billing/subscription

Important reminders:

  • Airbnb listings need to be upgraded to a paid plan with Wheelhouse pricing enabled to allow YourPorter to fetch the pricing recommendations for more than 90 days out.

  • Please make sure that the Airbnb account connected to both Wheelhouse and YourPorter are the same.

  • Wheelhouse will be syncing the prices to Airbnb and then YourPorter will fetch the Wheelhouse pricing from Airbnb.

  • If the prices on Wheelhouse matches the prices on Airbnb, but you are seeing different prices on YourPorter, please reach out to YourPorter for support as we do not have access to their codebase since they are the ones who built out the integration.

Next Steps:
Now that you've connected your listing, it's time to turn on Wheelhouse Pricing!

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