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Connecting with Tokeet
Connecting with Tokeet

How to connect your Tokeet account to Wheelhouse

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Start by clicking on the Tokeet logo (as shown in Figure 1) on the Add Channel page:

Figure 1

  1. Click β€œAdd Account” from your Wheelhouse dashboard and select Tokeet, or link your account here.

  2. Click the Copy button and copy your Wheelhouse API Key:

  3. Click Connect your Tokeet account, ​

    or open another tab/window and log in to your Tokeet account.

  4. On your Tokeet account, click Settings then choose Integrations.

  5. Search for Wheelhouse and click the Connect button:

  6. On the Connect To Wheelhouse pop-up window that will appear, enter the Wheelhouse API Key and hit the Connect button:

  7. The Connect button on the Wheelhouse tile will change to Disconnect, which means the connection is successful:

  8. Go back to Wheelhouse Dashboard to see your Tokeet listings:


  • Incomplete addresses will automatically be placed in the "Out of Market" tab.

  • The Wheelhouse integration will be available to all paid subscriptions.

  • You must set a default minimum stay rule on Tokeet to ensure smooth syncing to Wheelhouse.

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