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How to - Create Hypothetical Listing
How to - Create Hypothetical Listing
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  1. On Create a hypothetical listings section, click "Configure".

  2. A pop-up screen will appear for the introduction of the Hypothetical Listings feature. Click “Get Started” again.

  3. Then type in the desired address into the search bar on the top left and select the address from the dropdown menu of the results. Click “Next”.

    NOTE: If you can't see the Next button on the lower right of the map, try to click the scroll bar on the right side of the page and scroll down, or try to decrease the zoom % of your browser.

  4. On the next screen, proceed to include all of the attributes for your listing and click Next.

  5. Select the relevant amenities on the next screen. When complete, click “Next.”

  6. On the next screen, take note of the reminders and click Create Listing.

  7. It may take a while for the hypothetical listing to be created. Once the "Evaluating pricing and revenue potential" status on the Create a hypothetical listing has disappeared, refresh your browser.

  8. Your hypothetical listing will be added to your dashboard under the Hypothetical tab. *Notice the Wheelhouse logo on the left that distinguishes the hypothetical listing.

For more information, about our new Hypothetical Listings feature, you can check our blog.

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