Far Future Premium can help increase the pricing for future dates. By default, Wheelhouse increases prices more than a year out slightly.

  • Selecting More Conservative increases prices more than a year out significantly. The goal is to decrease the likelihood of you booking too early or missing an event before it can be priced accurately.

  • Selecting More Aggressive will not increase prices in the far future. The goal is to utilize the raw pricing information without any cautious premiums.

Setting a Custom Far Future Premium pricing:

  1. Select the specific listing you'd like to set a custom far future premium pricing.

  2. On the Strategy page, click the Far Future Premium on the left panel.

  3. Click on the Custom box to the right of the page.

  4. Enter in the number of days from the current date and the percentage of increase.

  5. Once added, make sure to save your changes by clicking Save & Sync on the upper right.

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