Understanding your Wheelhouse Calendar
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Your calendar shows your nightly prices, gives you insight into how we were able to come up with your nightly prices, and allows you to customize prices for specific dates.

Wheelhouse Pricing Summary

This gives you an overview of your base price, available nights, and the range of your prices for the entire year.

How Wheelhouse determines a recommended price

Click on a date on your calendar to gain more insight into our pricing recommendations.

  • Wheelhouse Pricing - This is your listing's price for a specific day based on the below attributes.

  • Recommended Base Price - The foundation of your Wheelhouse Pricing. It refers to the ideal starting price for your listing before we make daily adjustments.

  • Seasonality Impact - Depending on the time of year, the season could play a factor.

  • Local Demand Impact - Takes into account local events, holidays, occupancy, and any other local demand-related factors affecting prices in your area.

  • Listing Availability Impact - Adjust your pricing to help you fill short periods of availability (1-3 nights). These short openings are harder to fill so we discount these nights slightly to give you the best chance of booking them.

  • Time Factor - This correlates with the Last Minute Discount and Far Future Premium settings.

  • Min / Max Restrictions - Your pricing will adjust if our recommendation goes above your max or below your min.

  • Custom Pricing Adjustments - Pricing changes based on your change to the day of the week prices.

  • Personal Adjustment - Accounts for any custom percentage or fixed rates.

Note: The Local Events section is purely vanity. We implemented this section to give hosts an idea of what events may be happening in their market. The events that appear for a specific date don't cause the local demand impact to go up. The local demand consists of a few factors like occupancy rates, availability (listings and hotels nearby), competitor pricing, etc.


Blocked dates are in gray boxes with a lock icon.

Booked dates are in green boxes with a person icon.

Custom Rates are in yellow boxes and the rates are in bold black font. The upward purple arrow means the Wheelhouse Pricing recommendation is higher than the custom rate while the downward purple arrow means Wheelhouse Pricing is lower than the custom rate.

$$$ Wheelhouse Pricing is in purple font.

Missing Data are represented by exclamation points inside a gray box. This means that Information from the Channel/PMS has not synced to Wheelhouse yet. This usually appears on new listings and may update within 24 hours or when the Channel/PMS has synced back the details of the listing.

* Min Price means the pricing is adjusted to what the minimum price for that date is.

**Max Price means the pricing is adjusted to what the minimum price is.


You can now choose to make the events and minimum stays for each date appear in the listing's calendar:

Events are represented by the little flags you can see on each date. The number of events refers to the number of events taking place during that day. Click on the date and the event name will appear on the left side.

Min Stay for each date is represented by the grey crescent-shaped icon. The number refers to the minimum stay required for each date.

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