Let's take a look at how Wheelhouse prices your listings everyday.

  • Wheelhouse Pricing - This is your listing's price for a specific day based on the below attributes.

  • Base Price - The foundation of your Wheelhouse Pricing. It refers to the ideal price for your listing before we make daily adjustments.

  • Seasonality Impact - Depending on the time of year, the season could play a factor.

  • Local Demand Impact - Takes into account local events, holidays, occupancy, and any other local demand-related factors affecting prices in your area.

  • Listing Availability Impact - Adjusts your pricing to help you fill short periods of availability (1-3 nights). These short openings are harder to fill so we discount these nights slightly to give you the best chance of booking them.

  • Time Factor - This correlates with the last minute discount setting. Our pricing model will adjust your pricing as each vacant night gets closer.

  • Min / Max Restrictions - Your pricing will adjust if our recommendation goes above your max or below your min.

  • Custom Pricing Adjustments - Pricing change based on your change to the day of the week prices.

  • Personal Adjustment - Accounts for any custom percentage or fixed rates.

Next Steps
Now that you understand what goes into your recommended price, let's see how you can easily adjust the price for a specific day.

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