Whenever you log into your Wheelhouse account, you will be taken to your dashboard where you can see a snapshot of all your listings. 

1. Listings - Wheelhouse will add all of your account's listings to your dashboard:

  • Active - All listings that are publicly viewable and within the available market.

  • Inactive - Listings that are not live or active on their native channel.

  • Out of Market - Live listings that are currently out of market on Wheelhouse. If you have listings that are out of market, send us a note to create a market request!

  • Hidden - Listings that you want to hide from the facade of your Wheelhouse Dashboard.

2. Search Bar - If you have a list of properties, you can type in the listing name to find the exact listing. You can also filter your listings by

  • Channel - Where your properties are listed

  • Market - Where your listings are located

  • Bedroom - Number of bedrooms of your listings

  • Pricing - If Wheelhouse Pricing is Enabled/Disabled

  • Tier - Current Pricing Plan of the listings

3. Sort By - Similar to the search bar, you have the ability to sort your listings by: Listing’s Address, Base Price, Auto Pricing (if Wheelhouse Pricing is turned On or Off), Comp Set (Number of listings in Recommended Comp Set) and Performance (Revenue Score).

4. Listing's name - Title of your listings and it’s corresponding channel or PMS (icon).

5. Base Price - This is the foundation of your Wheelhouse Pricing. It refers to the ideal price for your listing before we adjust for seasonality and daily demand.

6. Auto Pricing - status of Wheelhouse Pricing.

7. Rec. Set - Shows the number of listings in the Recommended Comp Set of the listing.

8. Rev. score - (Performance) - Every listing has an expected revenue and we compare that expected revenue with your listing’s actual revenue. A revenue score of 80 is considered average or meeting our expectations. Anything above 80 is exceeding!

9. Hide/Unhide - Click this button if you want to hide (or unhide) the listing from the facade of your Wheelhouse dashboard.

10. Carrot button - click this button to see a quick glance of your listing's performance (current occupancy and current pricing for the next 6 months)

11. Edit Strategy - click this button to go to your listing's settings page.

Next Steps
Now that you've logged in and reviewed your Wheelhouse dashboard, let's get a better understanding of how Wheelhouse comes up with recommended prices for everyday

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