Navigating your Wheelhouse Dashboard

Let's take a deeper dive to understand your dashboard.

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Welcome to your Wheelhouse account! Upon logging in, you'll land on your dashboard, which provides an overview of all your listings. To help you make the most of your dashboard, we've compiled a handy guide to its key features and functions.

1. Listings - Your dashboard organizes your listings into four convenient tabs:

  • Active - All listings that are publicly viewable and within the available market.

  • Inactive - Listings that are not live or active on their native channel.

  • Out of Market - Live listings that are currently out of market on Wheelhouse. If you have listings that are out of the market, send us a note to create a market request!

  • Hidden - Listings that you want to hide from the facade of your Wheelhouse Dashboard.

2. Search Bar - To quickly locate a specific property, enter its name or nickname. Additionally, you can filter your listings by:

  • Channel - Platforms your properties are listed on

  • Market - Where your listings are located

  • Bedroom - Number of bedrooms in each listing

  • Pricing - If Wheelhouse Pricing is enabled or disabled

  • Tier - Current Pricing Plan of each listing

3. Sort By - As an alternative to the search bar, you can also sort your listings by Address, Base Price, Auto Pricing (if Wheelhouse Pricing is enabled or disabled), Comp Set (number of listings in the Recommended Comp Set), or Performance (Revenue Score).

4. Listing's name - The title of each listing and its corresponding channel or PMS, indicated by the icon next to the listing image.

5. Base Price - The foundation of your Wheelhouse Pricing, representing the ideal price for your listing before adjustments for seasonality and daily demand price fluctuations.

6. Auto Pricing - Indicates whether Wheelhouse Pricing is active or not.

7. Rec. Set - Displays the number of listings in the Recommended Comp Set for each listing.

8. Rev. Score - This is considered a brief performance metric. This compares Wheelhouse's expected revenue metrics for your listing with the actual revenue the listing is acquiring. A score of 80 is considered average or meeting expectations, while scores above 80 are exceptional!

9. Hide/Unhide - Click this button to hide or unhide a listing from your dashboard's Active view.

10. Carrot Button - Provides a quick overview of your listing's performance, including current occupancy and pricing for the next 6 months.

11. Edit Strategy - Navigate to your listing's settings page by clicking this button.

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