Whenever you log into your Wheelhouse account, you will be taken to your dashboard where you can see a snapshot of all your listings. 

  1. Connect a Listing - If you ever need to connect additional accounts and listings to Wheelhouse, just click this button to add them!
  2. Listings - Wheelhouse will add all of your account's listings to your dashboard:
  • Active - All listings that are publicly viewable and within the available market. 
  • Inactive - Listings that are not live or active on their native channel.
  • Out of Market - Live listings that are currently out of market on Wheelhouse. If you have listings that are out of market, send us a note on the bottom right and let us know!

   3. Search Bar - If you have a list of properties, you can type in the listing name to find the exact listing. You can also filter your listings by: a specific channel, where your listings are located, number of bedrooms, and if Wheelhouse Pricing is turned on or off. 

   4. Sort By - Similar to the search bar, you have the ability to sort your listings by: listing address, your revenue score, if Wheelhouse Pricing is turned on or off , and by base price. 

   5. Revenue Score - Helps you understand the health and performance for each of your listings.

   6. Listing's view - You can view your list's calendar, adjust your pricing strategy and see how your listing is performing with these links. 

   7. Base Price - This is the foundation of your Wheelhouse Pricing.  It refers to the ideal price for your listing before we adjust for daily demand

Next Steps
Now that you've logged in and reviewed your Wheelhouse dashboard, let's get a better understanding of how Wheelhouse comes up with recommended prices for everyday

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