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How to Make Bulk Updates on the Portfolio Calendar page.

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You can make bulk updates to your settings adding a new value or editing the existing value while looking at your Portfolio Calendar page.

Bulk Updates

On the Portfolio Calendar page, you can make bulk updates to:

  • Minimum Stay

  • Minimum Price

  • Maximum Price

To make these adjustments, you will need to:

  1. Head over to Portfolio > Calendar from the top navigation.

  2. Select the listing(s) by clicking the checkboxes on the far left.

  3. Once the right panel appears, select a date range.

  4. The 3 settings will appear and show you the range value of each setting (if multiple listings/dates are selected).

Interface Breakdown

When you use Bulk Updates to edit your minimum stay and min/max price, the updates will be added as Date-Specific rules.

Once you've expanded any setting, there are 2 options to make the adjustments:

  • Set New

  • Adjust Existing.

Set New

This option lets you create a new date-specific rule. The value will override any rule you previously had for that date range.

Adjust Existing

This option lets you increase or decrease existing rules you have in place. Under the Minimum Price and the Maximum Price setting, it allows you to change the value using percentage or its currency value.

  • "Percent" - Allows you to increase or decrease using percentage-based.

  • "Currency" - Allows you to increase or decrease the currency amount.

To decrease the value, you will need to use the minus (-) symbol. Example: -10

Current Value and Calculated Value

When making adjustments using the Adjust Existing option, you can preview the current value and preview the value you've inputted before you decide to save the change.

The top value is the existing value and the below

Exclamation Mark

There is a small visual indicator if the selected date or date range is missing any values. For example, if you never had a value for Maximum Price, you will see the red icon to let you know there is no value currently in place. You can update that value using Set New rules.

The Adjust Existing option will skip over any dates with that missing value.

Can't Save Negative Values

Whenever you are trying to save a negative value but the calculation leads you to go below zero, we will prevent saving from happening by disabling the Save button.


"I want to change my minimum stay for a specific date range to 3 nights."

  • Expand the Minimum Stay category and ensure that it is in the default Set New option.

  • Type 3 in the "nights" box.

  • Click on the Save button.

  • All done!

"Just for these specific dates, I need the minimum price to increase by 20%"

  • Expand the Minimum Prices category and click on the Adjust Existing tab.

  • Type 20 in the "percent" box. A number post-update should show up on the right side.

  • Click on the Save button.

  • Done!

"I have listings with either 2 or 3-night minimums, but for the next 4 days, I need to drop my minimum stay by 1 night"

  • Expand the Minimum Stay category and select the Adjust Existing option.

  • Type -1 in the "nights" box.

  • Click on the Save button.

  • All done! Now the 2-night drops to a single night and the 3-night goes down to 2 nights.

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