How do I adjust pricing for Gap Nights?

I want to add a premium or discount to my gap nights.

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Gap nights are nights that are sandwiched between two bookings. Meaning, there is a booking directly before and a booking directly after, much like this one:

Gap nights aren’t necessarily for just one day. Gap nights are any nights that are unbookable due to a higher minimum stay. For example, if someone had a 3-night minimum stay, a 2-night opening in the calendar would be considered a gap night.

By default, Wheelhouse's algorithm already takes into account less desirable shorter stays and applies a discount for gap nights. Additionally, you can either create a discount to entice customers to book your gap nights or create a premium to ensure a higher-quality booking.

  • By default, Recommended will be selected which adds a discount if the stay date in question is part of a gap. The discount will increase for shorter gaps and weekdays.

  • Selecting More Conservative will add a significant discount.

  • Selecting More Aggressive won’t add any discount for stay dates that are part of a gap.

Creating your discount or premium using the Rule-based setting

  • Select the specific listing you'd like to set a custom Gap night premium or discount.

  • On the Settings page, click the Gaps & Adjacencies on the left panel.

  • Click on the Add first rule +.

  • Select the Type of rules (In between, Only before, or Only after).

  • By default, all days of the week are selected. Click the day/s of the week that you don't want to include in the rules.

  • Set the number of nights where the adjustment will be applied.

  • To set it up as a discount, enter a negative sign on the Adjust price by field. (Example. -20)

  • Once added, make sure to save your changes by clicking Save & Sync on the upper right.


The 'Up to # night' essentially means the minimum gap night must be for the premium or discount to apply. In the example before, if there is a 3-night gap on either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, the rate will increase by 20%.

  • Click the Save change button to apply the Gaps & Adjacencies to your pricing.

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