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How does Wheelhouse’s billing structure work?
How does Wheelhouse’s billing structure work?

Am I able to upgrade, switch, or downgrade my pricing plan?

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Creating a Wheelhouse account is free and you can connect your listing(s) which will be under our Free Plan. With our Free Plan, you can get free insights into 12 months of forward-looking pricing. The Free plan is really what we like to consider a demo page, where you'll be able to review what kind of prices Wheelhouse might recommend for you with the settings that you can implement.

Once you are ready to sync your prices and settings, you can upgrade your Free Plan to Pro Plans. Users are billed monthly, on the 1st of every month.

Please see below for more details on how you will be billed for the Wheelhouse Pro Plans going forward.

Pro Flex vs Pro Flat

The Pro Flex plan is 1% per automated booking (or a minimum of $2.99/listing per month). With this plan, Wheelhouse will bill you at the time that a reservation is made, and not on/after the actual stay dates and the charges will appear on the upcoming invoice. You'll be charged for it on your next invoice.

For example, if today is October 5 and a customer books the stay dates December 2 and 3, then you will be charged 1% for the booking based on the booking date which is October 5, and will reflect on your invoice on the 1st of the November which covers bookings made from October 1 to 31st.

Wheelhouse will also credit your account if a booking is canceled. The credit should be put in place by the time your next invoice is issued.

The Pro Flat plan is $19.99/listing per month. With this plan, Wheelhouse will bill you in advance for the flat rate per listing.

For example, if you upgrade your listing to the Pro Flat plan today, you will be charged with the Pro Flat plan today which will be prorated for the remaining days of the current month. Then we will bill you the full amount every 1st of the following months.

Note: Both plans have the same robust features. The only difference is the pricing structure and the billing schedule.

To learn more about Wheelhouse Pro Plans, you can visit our pricing page here.

If you have any billing questions, send us a chat on the lower right of your screen!

$2.99 minimum fee on Pro Flex

The $2.99 minimum fee is considered as the payment for the plan as a package. The way that it works is you will be billed with 1% per booking revenue or the $2.99 per listing, whichever is higher. For example, if the total 1% of your booking revenue within the billing cycle is less than $2.99 then it will default to the Pro Flex minimum fee of $2.99/listing per month. However, if the total 1% of your listing's booking revenue for that billing cycle is higher than $2.99 then you will be charged the 1%.

Just to add, Wheelhouse is not charging for only dynamic pricing but we've also included our robust features to the Pro Flex plan such as pricing recommendations of up to 18 months out, Market Intel, Comp Set Intel, etc. So basically, the minimum fee of $2.99/listing per month is just a fee for the Pro Flex plan as a package plan.

How to Edit Subscriptions

To change your subscription, you can click on your name on the upper-right of your Wheelhouse dashboard then select Billing or you can click on this link:

Upgrading from Pro Flex to Pro Flat:

Check the box next to the listings you want to upgrade and click on Upgrade.

Important: If you move to Pro Flat today, you will be charged the pro-rated Pro Flat fee today, and then moving forward you will be charged the full amount on the 1st of every month. Additionally, if you have any bookings that were made while you were in the Pro Flex before switching to Pro Flat, these will still be charged the 1% on your next invoice.

Switching from Pro Flat to Pro Flex

Click on the pen icon next to the listing you want to switch then click on Edit Subscription > Move to Pro Flex.

Take note that this will take effect on your next billing cycle on the 1st of the next month.

Downgrade to Free

To downgrade your listing to the Free plan, you can click on the pen icon next to the listing, then click on Edit Subscription > Downgrade to Free.

Please take note that downgrading to Free will take effect on your next billing cycle. This means you would still have access to all the paid features until the end of the month.

Important: Downgrading to Free does not automatically turn OFF Wheelhouse pricing, and vice-versa. Please make sure to turn off Wheelhouse pricing for your listing if you would like to stop syncing Wheelhouse prices to your listing's calendar.

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