When you start out with Wheelhouse, the platform is absolutely free for 30 days! That means you can create an account, connect all your listings from all major channels, manage all your prices from one centralized location, and receive some data-driven analysis...all on the free 30-day trial.

After the trial expires, you will have to submit a payment plan to continue using Wheelhouse. 

  • For owners/hosts with 1 -9 listings, it costs 1% of booking revenue for bookings made with Wheelhouse Pricing.
  • For owners/hosts with 10+ listings, we offer a 0.75% rate.

What does 1% mean?

Say you get a $1000 booking but you also charge a $100 cleaning fee for your listing. Wheelhouse will only take 1% of the booking fee, so you will be charged $10 for your booking! We do not include other fees such as security deposits, cleaning fees or taxes. 

You can find more info here: https://www.usewheelhouse.com/pricing

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