How do Last Minute Discounts work?

I want to incentivize guests with a discounted rate for open dates that are coming up soon.

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Last minute discounts can help increase bookings for the immediate short term. By default, Wheelhouse will start dropping your listing's price 14 days out and end with a 15% discount one day prior to a date.

  • Selecting More Conservative will start the Last minute discount 21 days out. This setting tends to be optimal for newer listings where there are not a lot of reviews yet.

  • Selecting More Aggressive will shorten the Last minute discount by starting 7 days out.

Setting a Custom Last Minute Discount

  1. Select the specific listing you'd like to set a custom Last minute discount.

  2. On the Settings page, click on Last Minute Discounts on the left panel. 

  3. Select Rule-based.

  4. Enter the desired amount of days, then add a negative sign (-), and the percentage decreases. 

    To add premium instead of discount, simply enter the desired amount of days, then add the percentage increase (without the negative sign).

  5. Once added, make sure to save your changes by clicking the Save changes button on the lower left of the page. 

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