How do I create a long term discount?

I want to provide a discount to guests for longer stays.

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You can encourage guests to book longer reservations by creating a discount in Wheelhouse.

  1. Select the specific listing you'd like to set a long term discount.

  2. On the Settings page, click on Long-Term Discounts on the left panel. 

  3. Enable the Long-term discounts.

  4. Enter the percentage for Weekly and/or Monthly Discount and select Save & Sync.

When a guest makes a long-term discount, this is what they should see on Airbnb (and other channels):


  • If a guest books a month-long reservation, the weekly will not apply on top of the monthly discount. Only the monthly discount will apply.

  • Wheelhouse does not override Long Term Discount Settings for iGMS, Hostaway, Hostfully, Smoobu, Streamline, Tokeet, Track, and Tripadvisor.

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