While setting a global minimum stay will apply to your listing's entire calendar, you also have the ability to set a custom minimum stay for specific days in the year and allow for orphan nights! 

  1. Select the specific listing you'd like to set a minimum stay.

  2. On the Settings page, click on Minimum Stays on the left panel. 

How To Set Your Minimum Stay

Note: The hierarchy for the various minimum stay rules from highest to lowest priority:

  • Date-specific has the highest priority and will override all other minimum stay rules.

  • Time-based will override Day of week and Global minimum stay rules.

  • Day of week will override Global minimum stay rule.

  • Global minimum stay is the default requirement.

  • Gap nights will impact all the rules except for Date-specific rule.

Global minimum stay

Set a global minimum stay simply by entering the desired amount below Global minimum stay and clicking Save Changes on the upper right.

Day of week minimum stays

Set a minimum stay by day of week. If a reservation includes any of these days, the minimum required length of stay will be the greatest value of the days selected.
Please note

  • Adjustments made here will override your global minimum stay settings.

  • This feature on Airbnb is based on the minimum stay on the check in date

Time-based minimum stays

Create rules to automatically adjust the minimum night stay for stay dates within and beyond a specific number of days from the booking date.
Please note: this will override the day of week and global minimum night stays.

  1. Click Add another requirement and select Within or After. 

  2. Add the number of days and number of nights required

  3. Click Save Changes on the upper right. 

Specific minimum stays

Create custom minimum stays for specific date ranges, such as holidays or events.
Please note: gap night functionality will not apply to date-specific minimum night stays.

  1. Select Add another requirement and the desired date range. 

  2. Enter in the minimum stay and click Save Changes on the upper right. 

Gap Nights

Gap nights - Automatically lower minimum night stays for gap periods smaller than the current minimum night requirement. (e.g. global is set to 3 nights, but there was a Tuesday and Wednesday available. Wheelhouse will automatically drop the 3 nights to 2 nights to ensure guests can book those days.) Smallest allowed gap option is also available.

Orphan Nights

Wheelhouse does account for orphan nights in our algorithm to ensure we factor in whether nights are isolated or not. This means lowering the price for gap days which are squeezed in between booked and blocked dates in the calendar.

The Listing Availability Impact shows you how much we reduce that day's price due to being a gap day. 


  • Longer minimum stays will decrease the number of cleanings, which means more potential revenue, while shorter minimum stays will lead to more reservations on the whole.

  • Wheelhouse will override all other settings that correspond with Airbnb, like calendar prices, global minimum stays, specific minimum stays for certain date ranges, etc.

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