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Can I block or unblock my calendar on Wheelhouse?
Can I block or unblock my calendar on Wheelhouse?
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Wheelhouse does not handle calendar blocking at this time. You will have to unblock your calendar on your specific channel, whether it be Airbnb, TripAdvisor, or our Property Management System partners.ย 

NOTE: Wheelhouse won't sync our pricing recommendations to unavailable/blocked/booked dates. If the date is newly opened in Airbnb, Tripadvisor or PMS calendar, it will initially have the pricing of the channel/PMS or the last price synced by Wheelhouse, and not the current Wheelhouse pricing recommendation. Wheelhouse will only be able to push our pricing recommendation to this date during the nightly sync or once we pick up the availability of the date. To avoid getting bookings at lower pricing, we recommend that you click the Sync Calendar button on Wheelhouse Calendar, to ensure that we will pick up the availability of the newly opened dates right away and sync our pricing recommendations. This is also applicable for dates of recently cancelled bookings.

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