NOTE: Due to Airbnb security flow, sometimes it may take a while or you may need to try several times before you can connect your Airbnb account to Wheelhouse. Also, when you try to verify your Airbnb account, the Airbnb app is opening up and we actually want the web browser to open. Kindly try connecting your Airbnb account to Wheelhouse using a computer. Once you connect your Airbnb account, you should be able to use your mobile phone or tablet to navigate and fine tune your listing on Wheelhouse.

If you’re getting an error when connecting your Airbnb account to Wheelhouse, it could mean that the authentication is failing on Airbnb's end. You may see an error to check your credentials even if you entered the correct Airbnb log in details in Wheelhouse. You’ll continue to get an error as Airbnb will limit the authentication process on their end.

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Resolution 2

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Resolution 1

As a workaround, kindly try to logout from both Airbnb and Wheelhouse. This will refresh the log in attempts on Airbnb. Then log back in to Airbnb first. After that, login to Wheelhouse and try to connect your account again by following these steps:

1. Make sure you're currently logged into first.

2. Connect your Airbnb account using this link:

3. You may have to verify your account on Airbnb. When you get redirected to Airbnb, complete the additional verification.

4. Come back to the Wheelhouse tab, and click the "Connect your Airbnb account" button again.

5. You may be redirected again to Airbnb for another verification. (they have two types)

6. Come back to Wheelhouse again, and then enter your email and password once again to finally connect your Airbnb account. You may have to try several times and verify your Airbnb account again, until you are redirected to your dashboard page where you will initially see the listing under the Pending tab. Also, you will see the "Importing & Analyzing listings" message on top of your dashboard page.

Once finished, you should now see your listing under the Active tab:

Essentially, you'll want to do the verification on Airbnb's site, but to trigger the verification, you'll need to enter your email and password on Wheelhouse a few times.

Depending on how many verification steps you have on Airbnb, you may have to do the process several times back to back like in the GIF provided - you may be required to do a captcha to authenticate, then you'll have to hop back to Wheelhouse and then click Connect again, then enter in a code sent to your phone, then go back to Wheelhouse and click Connect again to finally get the loading screen.

NOTE: The code will expire if it is not verified within 10 minutes and a new code will need to be generated.

Resolution 2

Make sure either Facebook or Google is not connected to your Airbnb account. You can check this by jumping over to your Airbnb and then navigating to Account > Login & Security > Social Accounts

Basically, you'll have to link your own email/password based login with Airbnb to connect with Wheelhouse. We can't connect to accounts that have Facebook or Google linked to your Airbnb account. Sometimes the connection will go through but it will get disconnected eventually at some point due to authentication issue with Facebook and Google. Once you set-up your email address with Airbnb, you should be able to connect your listing.

NOTE: If you're logging in to Airbnb using a mobile phone number only, you will also need to create an email address and password based login with Airbnb to connect with Wheelhouse.

Follow these instructions, and you should be able to create a password for your Airbnb account, and then you should be able to log into Wheelhouse. The instructions work for both Facebook and Google.

Resolution 3

If you’re using a password manager and using the auto-fill feature so you don’t need to enter the email address and password manually, sometimes it will automatically fill out the email address and password boxes with the log n credentials of your Wheelhouse account instead of your Airbnb log in details. This is because the password manager is recognizing the Wheelhouse website instead of Airbnb website, so it will use the Wheelhouse log in details, and if you have different login information for both platforms, it will cause the authentication failure. In this case, try to manually enter your Airbnb email address and password when connecting your Airbnb account to Wheelhouse.

Resolution 4

If all else fails, you can reset your Airbnb password. Then attempt to connect your Airbnb account to Wheelhouse using your new Airbnb password. This workaround works for most of the time as a last resort.

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