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How to - Comp Set Data
How to - Comp Set Data
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Use comp sets to better understand how you're doing against the market.

How to Access Comp Sets

  1. Click the Comp Set Intel on top of your Wheelhouse Dashboard.

  2. From your Comp Set Dashboard, select the listing that you want to view the Comp Set Data of.

Note: Wheelhouse creates a recommended CompSet for each of your listings based on who is in your area and has similar features as you.

For more information, you can check our blog here.

How to Create Your Own Comp Sets

  1. The Comparable Comp Set is the default page of your Comp Set. Click the 3 dots on the upper right (next to View Map)

  2. Enter the Title of your listing (required), Description (optional), and under the Start from existing set?, select either No, start from scratch if you do not want to include the listings from Recommended Comp Set or you can choose Comparable if you want to include the listings from Recommended Comp Set.

  3. Click Create Set.

  4. Your new comp set will be added to the list of Comp Sets of your listing on the upper left of the page.

How to Add Other Listings To Your Comp Sets

  1. You can add listings to your Comp Set by clicking the View map/edit set on the upper right of the page.

  2. Listings will be loaded automatically under the Other listings section.

  3. Once the listings are loaded, you can click the plus (+) button on the lower right of each listing.​

  4. A confirmation message will appear at the bottom of the page that the listing has been added to your Custom Comp Set.

  5. Once you're done with adding the listings, click the Listings in Set button to view the listings you just added to your Custom Comp Set.

Note: A custom set cannot contain more than 50 listings at the moment.

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