Based on your listing's market, Wheelhouse will automatically adjust the prices for your listing's weekends (Friday and Saturday). You can control the weekend prices by changing your preference or creating a custom setting. 

  1. Select the specific listing you'd like to adjust weekend prices.

  2. On the Settings page, click on Weekend Adjustments on the left panel.

  3. By default, Recommended is selected. More Conservative lowers the recommended suggestion, while More Aggressive raises the recommendation.

  4. There's also the option to set a custom adjustment by clicking on Custom and entering the value of increase/decrease in percentage or use the up/down arrow next to the value. 

  5. Once you've adjusted the weekend prices, make sure to click Save Changes on the upper right.


The Conservative strategy tends to work well in urban cities like San Francisco, where weekday and weekend prices tend to be fairly close. While the Aggressive strategy is more favorable in vacation rental towns where most guests tend to stay for the weekend.

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