Still have some concerns about how Wheelhouse works? You can preview your Airbnb listings for Wheelhouse sections. 

  1. Go to the Wheelhouse demo page. You will be prompted to either preview your own listing or continue to test a sample calendar. 

2. You will then be prompted to enter your Airbnb URL (use the URL that guests can see when they find your listing, e.g.[listing id number]), or your TripAdvisor listing ID. You can find your TripAdvisor listing ID on your TripAdvisor dashboard.

3. Once you enter your listing, the Wheelhouse demo calendar will appear. You then are able to access a host of features!

If you click on the drop-down menu with the current month and year, you can scroll down to any month on the calendar to view prices for that month. 

If you click on an individual date, you can see all the factors that go into explaining pricing for those days, including seasonality, local demand, listing availability, time to the booking date, and minimum/maximum price restrictions. 

You can also see what demand and seasonality look like across your market, as well as the events that could be having an impact on local demand in your region. 

We provide additional insights into your listing and your market. You can gain additional insights by seeing a 52-week calendar for your listing, as well as available nights and range of prices. You can also see your market. 

You also garner our base price recommendation, the foundation for your Wheelhouse pricing strategy.

Want to sample another listing? Click on "Preview your own listing" in the top-right corner and enter another URL/ID of another one of your listings. 

If you'd like to view prices from additional listings across the world, you can also select a sample listing by clicking on the button in the top-left corner.

Have any questions?  Feel free to reach out to us at or connect with us in our chat in the bottom-right corner! 

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